There is a lot of competition in the catering industry. If you are in the catering industry, then you need to find out ways to promote your business. Advertising on TV, billboards, radio, and other platforms can be expensive, and it may exceed your marketing budget. Here we are offering advertising solutions at an affordable rate.

We are offering a lot of advertising options for our clients. The most popular option is social media ads. We have a strong presence in our social network. We publish interesting posts every day.

If you put an ad on our social network, then many people will know about your brand. In social networks, people often search for catering services for any event. When they do that, your ad will appear, and you can get more clients.

We also provide an opportunity for newsletter ads. We publish monthly newsletters where we provide up-to-date information about various catering services in Wellington. Here you can place your ad and provide special promotions for the customers, like discounts or extra services when they book catering service from you.

You can place these ads during special periods like the wedding season or holidays when events mostly take place. However, the corporate event takes place throughout the year, and you can place your ad anytime.

Banner ads are also popular. Many clients choose this advertisement option for the flexibility it offers. You can choose any size of the banner ad and also place them in various places on our site. The top and sidebars are the most demanding places. You need to book your place early to get these spots.

You can get a free quote from us about the various advertisement options. If you would like to have any further information about the advertisement options, then you can contact us.