How To Save Money On Corporate Catering

Arranging a corporate event is complex work. The catering service is of utmost importance when it comes to organising a corporate event. Today corporate catering can be expensive. But there are ways you can reduce the cost. Here you will know how to save money on corporate catering.

Choose An Experienced Catering Company

You should find an experienced catering company for your event. Initially, the cost of hiring them may be high than a new company, but you will save a lot of money in the long run. They know how to deal with unexpected events. They will be more cautious in preparing and serving food. They will use fresh and seasonal ingredients and give you quality service.

Consider Event Size And Style

If you over-order, then your catering budget will increase. So do a headcount of the number of people attending the event. That way you can order food for the exact number of people instead of wasting money.

Try to collect dietary preferences so that you can consider those when choosing the menu. These include gluten-free, sugar-free allergens like prawns, nuts, etc.

Provide A Variety Of Food

You should provide a variety of food because not everyone likes the same type of food. They will get balanced nutrition that way. For example, if someone doesn’t like chocolate mousse as the desert, you can try adding seasonal fruits. Also, make sure that you don’t offer too much variety as that will be more expensive.

Choose Cost-Effective Food

You should select cost-effective food so that the overall cost of the catering service is reduced. Some cheaper food items include rice, pasta, salad, vegetables, and seasonal fruits. You can ask the catering company to recommend budget options.

Consider Self-Serve Catering

If the catering you choose has a self-serve option, then your costs will be reduced as you will need less staff. Self-service events are also comfortable for the guests. So, going for a buffet-style catering service can be more budget friendly.

Communicate With The Caterer

The caterers have experience in this field, and they will know ways to cut down on costs. So, talk to them, tell them your budget, and they will be able to help you in keeping costs down.

Meeting your co-workers at any special event can be exciting. Besides discussing serious issues at the events, like training or meetings, you will also have an enjoyable time eating and drinking. The ideas here will help you to save money on corporate catering.