Catering Kapiti, Horowhenua, Wellington

Menu Ideas

Herewith some of the items on our menus. However, let us know if you would like anything that is not on here.


  • Smoked salmon on blinis with lemon and dill cream cheese
  • Caramelized onion vol--vents with goat’s cheese
  • Blue vein cheese & pear on crostini
  • Savoury muffins topped with salmon mousse
  • Sushi (chicken, smoked salmon and vegetable)
  • Smoked chicken on Melba toast with Cranberry jelly
  • A selection of pastry savouries
  • Pastrami and horseradish cream on cucumber disks


  • Garlic butter mushroom served in a puff pastry shell
  • Escargots with creamed spinach in a puff pastry shell
  • Kikorangi blue cheese with toffeed walnuts, cherry tomatoes and mesclun


  • Boerewors sausage (South African style) ·
  • Bratwurst sausage (German style) ·
  • Pork sausage (English/Kiwi style) ·
  • Pork loin fillet wrapped in bacon with prunes ·
  • Pork chops·
  • Lamb loin chop·
  • Boneless leg of lamb marinated in rosemary and garlic
  • Beef sosaties (kebabs marinated in a traditional Cape Malay curry sauce)·
  • Sirloin steak ·
  • Porterhouse steaks·
  • Salmon steaks·
  • Garlic butter prawn kebabs ·
  • Seared scallops served with sweet chilli sauce and coriander
  • Chicken drumsticks marinated in honey & balsamic vinegar ·
  • Chicken breast wrapped in bacon ·
  • Honey and mustard glazed ham carvery


  • Broad bean, courgette and potato salad with a basil pesto dressing
  • Roasted nut, beetroot and carrot salad ·
  • Peas and bacon and pea salad ·
  • Corn on the cob·
  • Greek Salad ·
  • Kumara and orange salad with a sour cream dressing ·
  • Rice salad with raisins and spices ·
  • Traditional potato salad·
  • Walnut and herb salad·
  • Sautéed seasonal vegetables ·
  • A selection of breads   


  • Mini pavlovas with kiwifruit and strawberries ·
  • Strawberries and cream·
  • Baked cheesecake with strawberry compote ·
  • Mini cheesecakes with passion fruit topping ·
  • Chocolate mud cake with strawberry coulis ·
  • White chocolate mousse with fruit ·
  • Orange chocolate mousse ·
  • Cupcakes or large cake decorated to reflect your theme or occasion·
  • Fruit salad·
  • Trifle   

Cheeseboard for an additional $140 (serves 30-40 guests) Cheese board with a selection of cheeses, crackers, fruit, and relish  

Bar Service (PartyPerfect is licensed) 

  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages POA
  • Bar manager $30/hour
  • Carafe $2 each
  • Jugs $2 each
  • Trestle table $15 each
  • Table cloths $15 each
  • Ice $4/bag
  • Ice buckets $5 each
  • Glasses $15/tray of 24

Other Menu Items

Cocktail snacks (served cold or at room temperature) 

  • Salmon omelette roulade with dill & lemon cream cheese
  • Melba toast topped with chicken and cranberry
  • Caramelized onion vol-au-vents with goat’s cheese
  • Rice paper wraps filled with fragrant chicken, vegetables and peanuts
  • Sushi (smoked salmon, prawns, chicken or vegetarian)
  • Cucumber cups filled with pastrami topped with creamy horse radish sauce
  • Spicy chorizo sausage with baby spinach and basil pesto on crostini
  • Vine tomatoes topped with gherkin relish cottage cheese and Kalamata olives
  • Pastrami omelette twirls with gherkin relish & cream cheese (gluten free)
  • French bread topped with egg, asparagus and tomato relish.
  • Onions braised in balsamic vinegar on butter puff pastry squares
  • Pear and blue vein cheese tartlets
  • Smoked sausage and roasted red capsicum tartlets
  • French baguette topped with basil pesto & chorizo sausage
  • Asparagus (when in season) and tomato relish on egg
  • Onions braised in balsamic vinegar on butter puff pastry squares
  • Guava & feta cheese bites served on Chinese spoons
  • Mini croissants with a variety of toppings
  • Rookworst (Dutch style sausage) discs topped with quails egg and basil pesto
  • Mini bagels with a variety of toppings
  • Crostini topped with pea pesto and cherry tomatoes

Cocktail snacks (served hot)

  • Spanakopita (Filo pastry parcels filled with spinach, mushrooms and creamy Feta cheese)
  • Marinated pan seared scallops
  • Spicy prawn skewers
  • Parmesan cheese grilled mussels
  • Paua chowder shots (served in shot glasses)
  • Lamb
  • Vegetable kebabs
  • Chicken Kebabs served with sweet & sour sauce
  • Beef sosaties (beef kebabs, marinated Cape Malay style)
  • Borek of mushroom (Flaky pastry casing stuffed with mushroom & bacon)
  • Rosemary oil marinated French lamb cutlets
  • Balsamic and honey chicken drumettes
  • Sausage rolls

Light supper  

  • Honey ginger and soy marinated beef on Kaiser bread with tomato and cucumber
  • Portuguese Prego Rolls (Chilly & red wine marinated Rump steak on soft Kaiser rolls, brushed with melted butter.
  • Bacon, asparagus (when in season), broccoli and broad beans coated with a mustard dressing, served in noodle boxes
  • Mini pizzas
  • Pasta with Mediterranean vegetables & salami
  • Moroccan style couscous
  • Pita bread filled with Chinese Five Spice Chicken

Breads & dips

  • Turkish pide served with Dukkah and Kapiti extra virgin olive oil cumin, cinnamon and chilly humus
  • Peppery vermouth pate served with rye bread and chutney
  • Kapiti cheese board with crackers, relish & fruit

Buffet style meals

  • Blue cod poached in lemon butter
  • Seafood paella
  • Honey, soy, ginger chicken with noodles
  • Tai red curry
  • Chicken a-la-king
  • Beef Bourguignon -Beef cooked in red wine with mushrooms
  • Beef Stroganoff
  • Osso Buco with gremolata – veal shin slow cooked served with parsley, lemon & garlic
  • Cape Malay Beef curry
  • Roghan Josh - Lamb curry originating from Kashmiri
  • Lamb tagine - Moroccan spiced braised lamb
  • Lamb, served Greek style, with feta & olives
  • Creamy bacon & mushroom fettuccini


  • Melange of oven roasted vegetables
  • Oven roasted kumara & potatoes
  • Herbed couscous
  • Roasted nut salad
  • Feta, walnut & herb salad
  • Green salad
  • Greek salad
  • Capsicum filled with jewelled brown rice

Dessert & morning/afternoon tea

  • Vanilla pikelets with cream and strawberry
  • Triple Brownies
  • Baklava (Filo pastry parcels filled with nuts and spices covered in an orange syrup)
  • Meringues filled with sweet cherries
  • Mini rolled oats and dried fruit loaves
  • Chantilly yogurt topped with fresh fruit
  • Dried apricots dipped in chocolate
  • Apple, rum and raisin cake served with Russian cream
  • Lemon & Yogurt syrup cake
  • Date and dark chocolate cake
  • Chocolate cake
  • Mini lemon cheese cakes
  • Mini strawberry cheese cake
  • Short pastry cups filled with dark chocolate ganache
  • Chocolate fountains with fruit kebabs
  • White chocolate mousse
  • Orange syrup cake with mascarpone topping
  • Individual short crust pastry fruit flans
  • Hand-made chocolate truffles

If you can think of it, we can make it.

If you can't, we can...

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