Selecting Food For Event Catering

Organising an event is a tough job. You need to arrange for the venue, logistics, and catering services. Food is an important part of the event. If you think your work ends after choosing a good catering company, then you are wrong.

You need to take time choosing the menu. Here are some tips on how to select the perfect menu for your event.

Learn About The Guests

You should first find out what type of guests will be attending the event. For example, if most of the guests are senior citizens, then you need to have options for sugar-free and less spicy food. Once you learn about the guests, the task of selecting a menu becomes much easier.

Provide a Variety of Choices

For corporate or other events, it’s better to have a buffet. That way, the guests will have a choice of food. If you have a fixed menu, then it can be a problem for the guests. For example, if you choose prawn rice, then someone allergic to prawns will not be able to have it. So, you can have the choice of prawn or chicken rice.

Include Seasonal And Fresh Food

Choose food that is made from local ingredients. That way your food will not only be delicious but healthy too. Try to include seasonal fruits and vegetables on the menu. You should also consider the region from which the guests come. For example, in a corporate event, if most of your guests are Chinese, then you should have a few Chinese dishes.

Consider Presentation

Make sure that your food presentation is good. Before tasting the food, the guests will judge the food with their eyes. If the presentation is not good, the guests won’t consider having it.

You should not disappoint the guests by serving poor quality, limited, and badly presented food. Your ultimate goal should be to impress the guests by providing top-quality food.